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What We Furnish

The path to heaven passes through a teapot ~ Ancient Proverb

Like a beautifully wrapped gift, your gathering is your gift to those you love. When organizing any event, a combination of elements is required to create just the right atmosphere. Attention to detail to create the perfect ambience requires linens, teapots, teacups, plates, accessories and immaculately presented food and tea. Here is a sample of the items The Travelling TeaRoom provides to create an impressive event.

China and Accessories


We have always treasured and amassed beautiful, feminine things: delicate china, figurines, vintage linen, and antique furniture. The love affair with tea and all things beautiful is a life long passion, and it gives us extreme pleasure to share our passion, and our beautiful collection with The Travelling TeaRoom guests.

Our collection is an eclectic combination of vintage and new, conventional and unconventional. We are prepared for a classic, English-themed tea or a fanciful affair. We have tea services in silver, fine bone china, creamers, sugar bowls with sugar tongs, silver flatware, three, two and single tiered stands, cake stands, cake servers, and pretty tea strainers, to name a few.

Our personal favourite is the vintage collection, some of our pieces date back to the early 1900s. Delicately detailed, every piece is a work of art to admire and enjoy. We are always on the look out for new treasures to add to our collection, with visits to antique shops, and auctions.

Table Linens

We have lace and embroidered table linen, crisp tablecloths with or without filigree edges, some of which are from our vintage collection, and napkins in a variety of colours and doilies to create the perfect canvass to complement the selection of teapots, china and tiered plates abundantly filled with a combination of sweets, savoury sandwiches or scones.

When hosting a Children's Theme Tea, or when children are in attendance for an Afternoon Tea, we recommend an easy care linen be used, but rest assured, elegance and charm is preserved.

Savouries and Sweets

"Thank you for making my mom's special day just that! Everyone was so delighted and impressed by the presentation and of course all the goodies! I would highly recommend your tea party!" ... Tricia S.

The success and enjoyment of an Afternoon Tea requires three elements: an honest feeling of friendliness, the offering of hospitality, and the tradition of honouring the guest.

These fundamental elements were the same during Anna Maria Russell's, the seventh Duchess of Bedford's, time. In the 19th Century, it was customary for the people in England to have their evening meal rather late. Sometime around 1840, the Duchess, requested that some light food and a pot of tea be brought to her private living quarters to help ward off her afternoon hunger. The idea was so successful it soon became a routine practise and the Duchess decided to invite a few high society lady friends to her private rooms in the afternoon. A new social event was born.

The pairing of tea with savoury finger sandwiches, tartlets filled with exotic flavours, quiets the hunger between an early lunch and the evening meal.

Our selection of savouries & sweets is enticing and varied. Your guests will be impressed.

The choices available for savouries and sweets depend on the Afternoon Tea plan selected.

And of course, Afternoon Tea could not be complete without traditional scones accompanied with delicious fruit jam or marmalade and Devonshire Cream.

Food for the tea is prepared in your kitchen with our utensils. We are a Certified Food Handler and are a member of The Canadian Personal Chef Association. 


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