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Let Me Explain What We're About...

The Travelling TeaRoom proudly serves an authentic British Teatime experience in your home or office.

When you engage The Travelling TeaRoom, you will experience the elegance of a full service Tea Room, in the comfort of your home. One part personal chef and one part event planner, we take care of every detail including cookery, table linen, set up, collection and clean-up.

We provide the cooking utensils, food, linens, china, silver, decorations as well as the cleansing solutions required for the dishes and countertops before taking-leave.

Depending on the number of guests, we will arrive three to four hours ahead of time to set the table with linens, china and decorations. Once the table is impeccably set, food preparation begins. Access to ovens, refrigerator, freezer, and stove is compulsory, and assurances that they are clean and in good working order is necessary. You can be assured all food preparation will be carried out professionally and in accordance with government food safety standards. We are fully insured through the Canadian Personal Chef Association, and are a Certified Food Handler.

"How can I thank you enough for the amazing Afternoon Tea event which you provided for my friends and myself? They are all raving about the delicious food, the perfect service, and your quiet presence. It was truly an afternoon which we will all remember fondly" ... Marie C.

You will graciously receive your guests with a beautifully set table. Should your guests be curious about the customs and courtesies associated with this most civilized ceremony, a brief talk can be included. The event lasts two hours. About ninety minutes in, we start removing plates of those who are finished so as to facilitate a speedier cleanup. At the end of two hours, we pack up our things, clean it all up and leave your kitchen and home as it was.


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