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Putting a Formal Shine on Teatime

Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have tea first ... Peter Pan

What turns a drink of tea into an occasion? Often, the cup it is served in begins the experience, which is one reason so many tea lovers are just as devoted to lovely china as they are to their favourite tea. We let fancy be our guide, picking only the prettiest for our assorted collection. All our table linens and china are included in the price of the tea plans.

While every detail is considered for your perfect tea event, certain occasions might arise when a little something extra delivers a beautiful message of hospitality, with intentional overtones of significance. Our Victorian Tipping Pot or Silver Tea Service is a lovely addition to the table and included with the Deluxe Plan. Background music is provided for all our plans, for your added enjoyment.

We offer a wide variety of musical accompaniment for you to choose from such as, Instrumental, Classical, Guitar only, Jazz, Orchestral and Fun tunes for children’s parties.

Tipping Pot or Silver Tea Service



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